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Located in Pennsylvania, Sassy Dog Fashions designs and manufactures premium ready-to-wear and custom handmade pet apparel, pet accessories and pet lover gifts for pet consumers in the USA and abroad. All of our custom pet dog shirts, dresses, fleeces, coats, pet dog collars, personalized bandannas, etc. are handmade right here in America.


There is a distinct advantage to buying our quality pet dog and cat products versus mass produced merchandise from Asia. There is a special sort of luxury, being able to have your pet’s clothing and accessories embroidered with their names means your pet will be personally identified to everyone he or she meets! Customizing your pet dog’s outfits through the use of embroidery means your pet goods are unique to your pet. No one else has these specialized items but you! Personalized pet gifts add an elegant touch to the product, identifies your pet dog or cat and makes him or her, yours to own.

We have been in the pet industry for many years and have an intense passion for sewing and creating innovative pet products for our customers and their dogs.

Our customers are a breed apart. You are a quality conscious consumer and have come to appreciate a handmade dog coat or monogrammed personalized bandanna because you love its fabrics and construction and how beautiful it makes your pet look. Most of all, you love it because adorning your pet makes you love him or her even more. Our dogs’ and cats’ lives are too short so adorning them with the best quality apparel and gifts makes perfect sense.

I started dressing my own dogs in dog coats and dog dresses 25 years ago when I lived in the fashion capital of the world—Paris, France. Having a glamourous lifestyle in Paris, I became well cultured in fashion, fabrics and beauty. I also attended the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA where I studied fashion design. Through the years, I made 90 trips back to France to study the sophisticated fashion industry and also taught 100’s of pet owners all over the USA, Europe, Canada and South America how to choose quality and wear sophisticated pet clothes. I met some of the greatest dog lovers in the world and my custom order pet sewing hobby business took off like wild fire!

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Bella and Reve are both world class pedigree Bichon Frisé from France. Bella has been modeling all her life and was a natural for the camera since six months old. She grew up to acquire professional modeling work immediately for large pet supply companies in the USA. She has been working as a model ever since. Reve, her half-brother, became a fine model by simply watching his canine sister wear clothes. Both have been wearing clothing all their lives so they are used to the attention of being dressed. Both dogs are highly intelligent and both dogs love their clothing modeling jobs very much.

As a dog fancier, it is believed our dogs are our family. We treat them like little queens and kings. We give our little pets a voice in our lives and we consider them in everything we do. Most of all, we take the best care of them and like us, we only buy quality custom pet clothing for them.

As dog fanciers, we especially love rescue dogs’ and hearing about their stories. We value a well train dog who knows its place and we spend a lot of time grooming them just perfectly. We dress them up in handmade custom pet collars and put little dog bows in their hair to match their dog coats. During the football games, they are wearing their favorite NFL team’s name on their team sports pet bandanna.

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Our blog is jam packed with dog tips, dog articles and about dog fashion design. We are often seen shopping with our dogs or enjoying a glass of French wine in a café. Our dogs get pedicures and spa treatments. They are adorned in the latest styles of gear, apparel and accessories.

We 25 years, we have been contributing annually to charity organizations such as pet rescue, churches and towns. We guide rescue organizations through the finances of fundraisers and support many rescue events. We have helped pet rescue organizations raise a lot of funds to help animals. We have a mobile store that we take to pet events and our store attracts so much attention because of our innovative products and premium quality.

We have worked for many people all over the world in the pet industry. Here are some of our famous clients: Dusty Hill, Bass Guitarist and Founder of ZZ Top Rock-and-roll band and NBA Star Jackson Vroman, pictured with Paris Hilton.

We ship stylish custom and ready-to-wear pet clothes and accessories across the USA and have shipped quite a bit to Europe, South America and Canada. With our superb customer service and quality tailored pet garments, it’s our pleasure to serve you and make sure you’re happy. We sew a lot of custom pet clothing orders, too, so do not hesitate to contact us with your odd shaped dog. If at any time you need help with a product on our website please ring us.


We look forward to serving you soon!