27Sep 2016

Bella Loves Modeling

Bella Loves Modeling

Bella has been trained in front of the camera since she was a pup. She has learned to love to wear clothes. It’s best to start training your pup when they’re young, to wear clothes. Some puppies will start out playing with the clothes so you must take if off after a few minutes. Then put it on for a few minutes until he tolerates it. Take it on and off several times per day, until they tolerate it. When we dress our dogs they get trained to be the center of attention for a minutes. Once they figure out they’re going to wear a new coat they already get excited because they remember all the attention they received from the last garment they wore. Here is Bella looking so happy to wear her new tutu. In fact, she is so happy that she immediately is eager to jump into her position on her leopard chaise lounge. As you can see Reve is jealous of the attention but he has learned to watch her to learn how to model himself. I bet he would like to wear the tutu himself, just for the attention. He has also become a fine dog clothing model. I taught my dogs to work for attention.