26Sep 2016

Do Dogs Need To Wear Coats?

Do Dogs Need To Wear Coats?

Certain dogs need to wear coats because they get cold easily. Other dogs need skin protection because they are prone to rashes or insect bites. Then there are dogs who just want to look cute so their owners dress them in pretty coats. Hunting dogs dress in orange on some days and camouflage on the others. There are many different types of coats and reasons dogs need them and we make excellent quality coats to choose from. We have standard fleeces which can be reversible and we have sassy designs which are sure to please them all. Then there are dog raincoats meant for rain and snow and there are dog coats to be worn in dry weather that keep them warm. Dogs need to wear coats for different reasons and even cats wear these pet coats. Be sure to check out our coats.