3Oct 2017

Does Pet Clothing Increase Confidence In Your Pets?

Does Pet Clothing Increase Confidence In Your Pets?

Putting clothes on pets has become a huge trend in the past couple of years. There are all kind of garments pet owners can find to make their pets look fun, chic and cute. With this trend that has been growing more and more with time, many people ask themselves if pets actually like the clothes their owners put on them. Is it uncomfortable for them? Does it make them more confident?

Well, it depends. Many pets like them but others prefer being naked. This is usually because they find themselves uncomfortable wearing them. It could be simply because they aren’t used to them. In this case, pet owners should try putting smaller pieces of clothing on them like bandannas and bows to try and ease them into clothing. It is better to start putting clothing on pets since they are young so they grow used to them and so later in life they will have no problem with them.

Another big reason some pets seem to not like clothes is because they are the wrong fit. Same as with humans, all sizes don’t fit everyone. When purchasing clothes for your pet make sure the sizing is comfortable for them. Also make sure the material doesn’t chafe on their skin anywhere causing irritation.

Heat must also be taken into account when putting clothes on pets. Animals are prone to overheating. Remember your pet can’t simply take off their sweater if they’re too hot. Consider how hot the day is before putting anything to too warm on your pet. If you really want them to look stylish in the heat make you can buy cute cotton tanks that are nice and fresh.

If all of the above mentioned aren’t a problem for your pet they should feel fine with wearing clothes. In fact, they actually love the attention people give them. Just like people your pets love being complimented, cuddled and loved by humans. Pets look adorable in clothes and they love looking adorable and being appreciated for it. Creating bonds and being loved and attended to by their fellow humans can be encouraging for shy dogs and might make them more fun, confident and outgoing.

Clothes are also great because they can protect your pet. When it’s cold a cozy sweater or coat can keep them warm, when it’s raining a raincoat will keep them nice and dry, when it’s sunny it can protect them from sunburn. Clothes are also very helpful for pets that have problems with scratching to keep them from accidentally hurting themselves

Dressing up your pet can be really fun for you and for them. They get to enjoy different situations with different outfits along with you. Formal clothes for fancy situations like a cute jersey for sporty days, a nice swimsuit for summer fun, a cute graphic tee for casual walks at the park or a cozy sweater and coat for some fun in the snow. It’s also really fun to dress pets in costumes during holidays like Christmas and Halloween. You can have them match your own costume or outfit’s theme.