25Nov 2017

Keep Your Pet Fashion Forward with these Accessories

Keep Your Pet Fashion Forward with these Accessories

Pet fashion is something that evolves even more rapidly than women’s fashion. Every day you can see new designs of collars, plates, even flannels and coats being introduced that your pets can flaunt and look just as stunning as their owners. At Sassy Dog Fashions, you will find several items that will make your pet the best dressed amongst all. Always follow the latest trends so you do not have to worry about the dog fashion police stop your beloved pet on the street.

Just like our fashion world, there are certain wardrobe essentials that every puppy or an adult pet should have. Among them, we find the necklaces. This is a must-have item not only in terms of accessories but also in terms of safety. All thanks to this collar that your pet can be identified on the street in case it gets lost. In this sense, you can also make your necklace a way to express your personality so choose the one that matches with you.

You have designs in neon colors like orange, green which may be stamped. But if your pet is a lover of nature, your best option would be floral designs. So, choose the one you like the most. As for the plates, it is not necessary that you choose the typical design in the form of a circle or square. There are models in the form of flowers, rays, trees and more, stop counting.

In this way, another accessory that has caused furor is bandannas. These are quite multifunctional because they allow you to use them in different ways. You can put them around the neck in cowboy style showing the cute embroidery that they bring in front, this way it will also look like they are wearing a kind of flannel. It’s a win win! And for the other option, you can place them as a headband between your ears. This way they will look more chic and come out super cute in photos.

As for flannels, we know that they have been in the market for a long time. However, thanks to Sassy Dog Fashions, the designs have been completely turned over and now everything is more original. You can find thousands of designs with prints, embroidery and even magic locks and buttons that adapt to the comfort of your pet.

On the other hand, you have the option of boots to protect the legs of your best friend. They come in different colors such as purple, yellow, blue and even green. So they can wear the design you want. And the best thing about this is that they are put in a super easy way. You do not have to make your pet go through an eternal process to put the shoe on, you just insert it and stick together the velcro straps, that’s it!

Another accessory for your pet that will look fashionable is the headgear. There are designs with ribbons, flowers and unicorn horns; you can even have a customized one with the photo of the two of you.