31Oct 2017

Best Toys For Your Pet Dog

Keeping a pet at home is equivalent to having a small baby. You have to look after their food, their exercise, their health and their toys too. You cannot be present all the time to give company to your canine friend hence, following is a list of toys you can get for your pet, so that you can have some time to yourself too.

1. Dog Squeaky Toy

There is a squeak to help entice your dog to play. There is little filling in this toy making the mess minimal. An extra layer of material is added to help increase the durability of the toy. You can use this toy for a game of fetch or as a comfort toy.

2. Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

The flavored chew toy comes in different flavors. So dogs love the taste of it. The curve of the wishbone makes it easy for dogs to grab and bite. This is a chew toy and is not meant to be eaten. The product should be replaced if it begins to wear down including deep teeth marks, cracks or any other sign of it breaking apart.

3. Cotton Blend 3-Knot Rope Tug

This 3-knot rope tug is made for durability and safety, perfect for long games of tug-of-war. It is also particularly well-suited to the demands of heavy chewers and teething puppies.

4. Tennis Balls Tennis Balls made from all non-toxic materials are another toy that encourage exercise and playtime. Made of durable material these balls float and are easy to find in the snow making playtime anytime.

5. The Dog CasinoIt’s really fun to watch them solve the little mystery of each game, and to figure out how to help them get it. It will be the “magic of learning”, he will enjoy.

6. Rubber Dog Chew Toy provides a great jaw workout for chewers and a chase toy as it bounces all over the place. Good for dogs recovering from surgery and that have restricted mobility.

7. Rubber BallIt has extreme bounce and is puncture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your dog sinking his teeth into this one. There is a hold drilled through the center to help its durability.

8. Rubber Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy This flying dog toy, made of all-natural rubber, durable and flexible is gentle on dog’s mouth and is fun, making his fetch game more enjoyable.

9. The Bob-A-Lot This genius little Bob-a-Lot is weighted on the bottom, so it wobbles all around like those inflatable “bop bags”. If you feed your dog kibble, you can put his entire meal in this thing. It makes mealtime last ten times as long, which is a good thing for reasons both behavioral and healthful.

10. Indestructible Boneis proven to help keep dog’s teeth clean. A combination of vigorous teeth cleaning and gum massage come together to help keep your dog’s mouth healthy while keeping them entertained at the same time.

11. Knots Bears Durable Dog Toys has an internal knotted rope to satisfy your dog’s instinct. The toy is soft and durable to last longer and keep you pup’s interest.

12. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toys dogs go crazy on walks when they see a squirrel. This toy includes three squeaky squirrels and a plush tree trunk, making your dog play hide and seek with his new squirrel friends.

13. Dental Dinosaurs coming in various shapes, these chew toys are naturally flavor-enhanced to encourage chewing, and small nubs make great dental cleaners as the clean teeth and massage your dog’s gums, giving him better breath and healthy chewing activity.

Being the pet owner, you are in a position to decide which dog toy will be more rewarding for your pet depending upon his likes, dislikes and destructive tendencies. If you keep your dog’s preferences in mind, you won’t go wrong with any of these dog toy option.

23Oct 2017

A Guide To Traveling With Your Dog

Pets are the best friends given by nature, with their home coming they soon become a part of family and every decision taken for the family has some buffer for pets too. And same applies for family trips, be it short travel or long destination trips taking care of the canine companion becomes important.

Following are some important tips that will make your journey with pets as smooth as possible.

Road Trips

1. Trial Test Run – Before planning for a long trip, take shorter rides to check your pet’s response. Does he feel sick? Does he get anxious?

2. Buckle Up – Ensure buckling up your pet friend with a pet barrier, pet seat belt, pet car seat to avoid any mishap by an unrestrained dog in the front seat.

3. Keep Heads And Paws Inside – A restrained dog may not be able to stick his head outside the window, but this surely will protect him from possible ear damage or lung infections. A dual benefit of pet barrier for the safety of your own pet.

4. Preparing For Emergencies – Keep your pet’s medical records handy in case of an emergency and also attach a tag to your pet’s collar mentioning the address and contact details of where you’ll be staying.

5. Pit Stops – Stop every two-three hours to allow your pet some space, a leak or get some exercise to avoid their straining.

6. Hydrate – Keep your pet sufficiently hydrated during the journey, keeping a gallon or two of cold water may make it easy.

7. Don’t leave Them Alone – Never commit a mistake to leave your pets alone in closed cars, because on a hot scorching day the internal temperature of car may rise which can prove to be deadly for your pets. If you visit a destination that doesn’t allow pets, keep your pet at a pet friendly hotel or leave them at home. 

8. Pet Friendly Hotels – Book pet-friendly hotels, and look for destinations where you’re allowed to take your pets.


Flying Trips

1. Fit For Flying – Consult your veterinarian before embarking on a trip, especially if your pet hasn’t traveled before or if it has any health concerns. Also, some breeds don’t travel well in cargo, such as snub-nosed dogs like pugs, which are prone to breathing difficulties. Many major airlines no longer allow such breeds to fly in the cargo.

2. Research Time – A thorough research needs to be done on regulations and fees of airlines, whether your pet flies in the cabin or as checked baggage, airline’s history of flying animals so as to avoid any crisis which may occur due to any of the above stated reasons.

3. Consider A Pets-Only Airline – If possible select a pets-only airline for a comfortable journey of your pet as they have climate controlled cabins, a dedicated flight attendant to keep a check on your pets. And after landing pet owners can pick their pets from the pet lounge.

4. Pet Vaccines – In cases of travelling outside country ensure the vaccinations your pet might need.

5. Prepare The Carrier – An appropriate carrier with sufficient room space for your pet to turn around and stand without hitting his head is the must preparation to make. If your pet hasn’t travelled before, spend some time getting the pet used to being in the carrier. 

6. ID Tags – Attach contact information to both your pet’s collar and its carrier.

7. Exercise – Before the flight, play or take your pet for a walk. The more tired your pet is, the more likely it is to sleep during the trip.

8. ThunderShirt – The ThunderShirt is a wearable solution that can be used to help your pet with dog separation anxiety, travel stress, fear or thunder and other loud noises, and other canine anxieties.

9. Relax – Use aromatic lavender oil as an “association scent” to help your pet relaxed while flying. In the weeks before the flight, put a drop of oil on your hands at feeding times or before walks. Once onboard, “the positive association will allow the pet to calm down and remain relaxed.”

10. Familiarity – Keep a familiar blanket or toy with your pet to help it feel more comfortable during the trip.

Adhering to the afore mentioned guidelines will make you journey with your pet friend not only smooth but worth remembering.

16Oct 2017

When it comes to the fashion industry time is an important factor. With time trends change. What was popular two years ago probably isn’t popular today. It goes just the same for pet fashion. In the last decade, people have grown to love dressing up their pets. Clothes make animals look twice as cute than they already are.

Pet stores often have a whole section dedicated to pet apparel. There are even custom pet fashion designers that make personalized clothes. In fact, there are pet boutiques that specialize in producing and selling clothing and accessories for pets of all kind, size, and breed. A lot of great pet merchandise can be found online as well. You can browse through the rows of clothing and accessories available in different colors and sizes and with different prints and patterns on the internet.

A trend that never goes out of fashion when it comes to pet clothes is sweaters. They’re cozy, soft, warm and they usually come with cute patterns or embroidery. They’re great because they protect your pets from the cold and make them look super cute too. They are lifesavers for pet owners who live with air conditioning or cold weather.

Another trendy piece of pet fashion that is also great for protection against the seasons is a raincoat. Raincoats are perfect for going on walks in the rain. It keeps your pet dry while still giving him the freedom to have fun in the rain with his owner. Some pet shoes or boots are also useful in the rain from keeping their paws from getting wet or muddy.

When it comes to accessories bows are a great touch of style. They can be worn on top of the head decoratively or to keep hair out of your pet’s eyes if they have long hair like Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers. There are also some great bow ties that make your pet look classy.

Accessories are very important in a look. For pets, leather collars and leashes have been really in style as well as personalized collars. Another trendy accessory for pets is the bandanna. It always looks cute and fun, especially when they have cute patterns.

When it comes to female pet fashion tutus and dresses are all the rage. They are great for special occasions such as a birthday, Christmas or a wedding. They are cute and feminine and will make your lady pet look great. For male dogs on special occasions, there are some wonderful tuxedos that give your pet a sophisticated manly elegant look.

Sweatshirts and hoodies are also very in style for pets this year. They look great if you’re going for a more sport casual look. Many have personalized hoodies made so that the pet and owner match. They are also very comfy and cozy.

For lighter more casual pet fashion there are some great thin refreshing cotton tees. Some of the come with cool drawings, pictures or phrases on the back. They are great for keeping your pet in style during warm seasons.

10Oct 2017

During chillier times of the year like winter or autumn pets tend to wear clothing to protect them from the cold. Just like humans pets wear sweaters, coats, and boots to keep warm in cold weather. Whilst pet clothing can be purely for the sake of fashion it is widely helpful during these times of the year to keep pets cozy.

While some animals don’t require clothing because they can naturally keep themselves warm in the winter there are many animals who need an extra layer of protection against the cold. When it comes to cats and dogs the pets that suffer the most from coldness are the breeds with little or no fur like Chinese Crested dogs, Sphynx cats, Italian greyhound dogs, Mini Pinscher dogs and Abyssinian cats.

Another reason pets might get cold easily is if they are small. Because of their size, small animals like Yorkshire Terrier dogs, Russian Toy dogs, Chihuahua dogs, Munchkin cats and Singapura cats radiate less heat and have a harder time retaining heat that bigger animals. Thin dogs also get colder because they don’t have a lot of fat to keep them warm naturally.

Some people don’t know their pet is suffering from coldness and ridicule people who bundle up their pets in clothes during winter. If your pet is shivering, whimpering, trembling, walking slowly or curling up while in a cold area then they are probably too cold. A great way to check your pet’s temperature is by feeling their ears. If their ear is cold then maybe they are in need of some warm clothing. Keeping pets warm during cold seasons is very important. If your pet gets too cold for too long they could suffer from hypothermia resulting in serious consequences

Thankfully with pet clothes you can protect your pet from the cold keeping them safe, cozy and making them look cute as well. This also allows them to have fun outside with their owners during cold seasons.

A great piece of clothing to keep pets warm is the sweater. Usually made from warm fabrics like wool they provide a nice layer of protection against the cold. Sweaters are better for wearing indoors when it’s chilly or outdoors when it’s cold but not snowing. They can also be found pretty easily and cheap.

For when it’s snowing a winter coat is perfect for keeping your pet dry and warm. It also protects them from feeling cold gushes of wind that can be quite uncomfortable. They are usually made with wool, fleece or the same waterproof material used in parkas. Pet shoes and boots are also a wonderful addition to protect their paws from the snow and cold ground. They are especially helpful for animals with furry paws because they collect snow in between their toes.

Some pet owners even use some winter accessories to double the protection and double the cuteness. A nice winter accessory is scarves to protect their neck from the cold. These are especially used for pets that have long necks that their coat or sweater might not cover. Some also get hats or earmuffs to protect their pet’s ears from the cold.

3Oct 2017

Putting clothes on pets has become a huge trend in the past couple of years. There are all kind of garments pet owners can find to make their pets look fun, chic and cute. With this trend that has been growing more and more with time, many people ask themselves if pets actually like the clothes their owners put on them. Is it uncomfortable for them? Does it make them more confident?

Well, it depends. Many pets like them but others prefer being naked. This is usually because they find themselves uncomfortable wearing them. It could be simply because they aren’t used to them. In this case, pet owners should try putting smaller pieces of clothing on them like bandannas and bows to try and ease them into clothing. It is better to start putting clothing on pets since they are young so they grow used to them and so later in life they will have no problem with them.

Another big reason some pets seem to not like clothes is because they are the wrong fit. Same as with humans, all sizes don’t fit everyone. When purchasing clothes for your pet make sure the sizing is comfortable for them. Also make sure the material doesn’t chafe on their skin anywhere causing irritation.

Heat must also be taken into account when putting clothes on pets. Animals are prone to overheating. Remember your pet can’t simply take off their sweater if they’re too hot. Consider how hot the day is before putting anything to too warm on your pet. If you really want them to look stylish in the heat make you can buy cute cotton tanks that are nice and fresh.

If all of the above mentioned aren’t a problem for your pet they should feel fine with wearing clothes. In fact, they actually love the attention people give them. Just like people your pets love being complimented, cuddled and loved by humans. Pets look adorable in clothes and they love looking adorable and being appreciated for it. Creating bonds and being loved and attended to by their fellow humans can be encouraging for shy dogs and might make them more fun, confident and outgoing.

Clothes are also great because they can protect your pet. When it’s cold a cozy sweater or coat can keep them warm, when it’s raining a raincoat will keep them nice and dry, when it’s sunny it can protect them from sunburn. Clothes are also very helpful for pets that have problems with scratching to keep them from accidentally hurting themselves

Dressing up your pet can be really fun for you and for them. They get to enjoy different situations with different outfits along with you. Formal clothes for fancy situations like a cute jersey for sporty days, a nice swimsuit for summer fun, a cute graphic tee for casual walks at the park or a cozy sweater and coat for some fun in the snow. It’s also really fun to dress pets in costumes during holidays like Christmas and Halloween. You can have them match your own costume or outfit’s theme.

28Sep 2017

There are all sorts of pet clothes on the market that you can find online or locally. Going to pet stores around town is a great way to build up your pet’s closet. But if you’re looking for more specific garments or a wider catalog, online stores are the way to go.

Of course, there’s the option of custom made clothing items as well. These can be made by a professional pet designerpet fashionista or stylist to fit your pet perfectly and to have whatever style you prefer. And of course, it can be handmade at home too if you’re up for it.

There are many famous dogs that are very fashion forward, they might inspire puppy owners looking for some ideas. Some of them dress better than most humans. They are usually the pets of models, actors, singer or other celebrities. For example, Marc Jacobs’ Bull Terrier Neville Jacobs is often seen wearing his daddy’s couture. Also, Asia, Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog, is often seen wearing expensive jewelry and fine pet clothing.

Another famous pet fashionista is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Toast. She works in the fashion industry as a model for designer Karen Walker. She is widely known for her classic floppy tongue. Then, of course, there is Bodhi, commonly known as Menswear Dog. This Shiba Inu is said to be the most stylish dog out there. He has modeled for many famous brands like Coach, American Apparel, Brooks Brothers, ASOS, Revlon and many other. This proves anyone can be fashionable if they have the proper motivation and enough style.

There are a lot of garments that can be purchased to give your pet a touch of fashion. It can be as small as a little bow or it can be a whole outfit with shoes and accessories included. There is a lot of controversy regarding pet clothes . Many think they can be uncomfortable or harmful for animals. However, if the pet owner makes sure the garment fits their pet adequately and makes sure it isn’t making them too warm or irritating their skin, pet clothes can be harmless fun for you and your furry friend.

Pet clothes have become a wide industry. There is a huge variety of items made for the sole purpose of making your pet look great. There are all kinds of accessories like shoes, hats, socks, bandannas, collars, leashes and bows to make sure your pet is the cutest, most fashionable creature in town. There are also clothing items like shirts, pants, underwear, sweaters, coats, jackets and dresses to complete the look.