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    Keep all of your makeup, toiletry supplies or grooming tools safe when you’re on the go with the Bichon Frisé Dog Toiletry Travel Bag. This convenient travel bag features a premium 100% cotton fabric featuring Bichon Frisé dogs on the exterior. The interior features cream color paw prints and reinforced sides for firmness and structure. It's also the perfect spacious bag gift for traveling pet parents and professional groomers. Put just about anything into this bag that you need to keep safe inside an enclosed zipper pouch–makeup, medicines, electronics chargers, dog essentials. Whatever you need, bring it with you in this beautifully-designed and machine-washable hand-made bag.  Most of all, it's the best dog gift you’ve ever seen. Red, Black, Tan, Grey, White. 

    Dimensions (in inches): Length 8″ X Width 5″ X Height 4″