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Turtle Belly Band Male Diaper


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Belly Bands are Male Dog Diapers. They stop male leg lifting and they collect and absorb urine.
Pet owners and professionals in the pet industry use belly bands to stop nasty indoor leg lifting (male marking) and are also effective in preventing potty accidents and old age incontinence. Even puppies can be potty trained with a week’s supply of belly bands.They are highly effective and come with FREE TRAINING instructions.


Product Description

To find your size, simply measure your male dog around his belly/penis. Made of premium quilter’s cotton and reinforced with layers of absorbency, our stylish diapers are absorbent, durable and washable. We use premium hook and loop fasteners for the closure.
Stop ruining your furniture and start keeping your interior sanitary. Put a stylish belly band on him and stop the bad habit today! Effective for dogs of all ages. Custom orders require a minimum quantity of 7 and you may choose your fabrics–that’s one for every day of the week.

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15″, 16″, 17″


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